Sunday, 11 April 2010

Review: Sleepwalks "Clicks"

You know a song is good when you feel compelled to place it on your portable music-playing device without the feeling that you’re obligated too. You know the band is good when you choose to repel the drudgery of your work commute by listening to their music. These two anecdotes sum up my experience of listening to Sleepwalks newly released mini-ep “Clicks”.

Sleepwalks are a three-piece alternative rock act from Brisbane who have released what I think is a very solid three track mini-ep featuring ‘Clicks’, ‘Pith’ and ‘Negative’ in that order.

‘Clicks’, evokes memories of sweaty mosh pits filled with flannelette-addicted teenagers though it’s clear that certain pop sensibilities lurk somewhere under the distortion. It’s the standout tune of the release and probably the most accessible. That’s not to say that the other tracks are less worthy; indeed, my favourite moment of the entire release comes a third of the way through the second track ‘Pith’ in the form of a distorted and isolated mclusky-esque bassline.

Stylistically, this release speaks directly to my own sense of musical appreciation. I’m a sucker for those grunge hooks, the quiet-loud dynamics of bands like Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, the Replacements and a legion of other grunge and punk acts that have clearly influenced Sleepwalks. My only real criticism is that the release is slightly on the short side – just as they drag you in, its over. However, it’s a more of a case of ‘taste of things to come’ that makes this band one to keep an ear out for in the coming year.

Regardless, I heartily endorse this local produce. It’s a solid first release and worthy of your attention (and your money). If you don’t believe, have a listen to the ‘Clicks’ above (the band have kindly given permission for you to ‘borrow’ a copy for yourself – the link is below).

Sleepwalks - Clicks [Song]

Sleepwalks support Die!Die!Die! on the 23d of April at the Coolangatta Hotel and again at the X&Y on the 24th of April. You can purchase their EP through Tym’s Guitars, Violent Green or the Outpost or by contacting the band directly.

Ps: You can listen to a live bootleg of Sleepwalks Browning Street Studios show from just last week over at Turn it Up!


Andrew McMillen said...

Fuck yeah - look forward to that Die! Die! Die! show.

Darragh said...

Sure am. I'm hoping to make it along. I saw Die!Die!Die! a few years back at the troub and it was intense.

urakur said...

geez...first listen draws me back to a cross between Buffalo Tom and Ratcat.....yeh I'm getting a lil long in the tooth !

Nice recommendation however and will acquire Ep.

Darragh said...

Urakur - great stuff. If you're around Brisbane you should check out the Die!Die!Die gig which Sleepwalks will be a part of - I think this will be a great gig.