Thursday, 1 April 2010

Effin Tune: The Delgados - 'Coming in from the Cold'

It seems that Scotland has a love affair with indie pop music. I mean, how many awesome pop acts come out of this magical land? Off the top of my head: Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura and many more. And why does it keep producing such quality? I wager a pouch of guineas that it is the haggis. Or perhaps deep-fried mars bar. Or some other stereotypically Scottish cultural object.

Anyway, I quickly want to chat about a great little ditty from The Delgados, a band that I have not had the pleasure of listening to in some time. I revisited them en route to work just this morning, which spurred on this ramble.

‘Coming in From the Cold’ from “Hate” has always been my favourite Delgados tune. I say this for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the song that introduced me to the band. I do still recall the exact moment it first graced my eardrums - I was working with my father painting someone’s apartment and listening to Triple J during the summer of 2002 when it came on the morning show. I was immediately smitten.

Secondly, well, I just love the wide-eyed optimism encapsulated most clearly in the uplifting guitar melody that plays over Emma Pollock’s vocals during the chorus. While I think that "The Great Eastern" was a better record, I don’t think any individual Delgados song ever got much better than this one.

Die-hard Delgados fans may disagree with my over-the-top blushing. arguably I’ve picked the most palatable and 'mainstream' song of The Delgados discography. But fuck it, I like it and I don’t care (am I wrong? Please tell me I'm not :D). I was fortunate to catch one of their last ever shows when they toured Brisbane in early 2005. Weeks later they broke up and that was that.


jodi said...

Man, I loves me some Scottish indie. Idlewild were the soundtrack to my life for about two years. Sad that these guys broke up.

PS linked you on our blog roll, thanks for the support :)

Jodi @ plus one

Darragh said...

No worries Jodi. Thanks for your comment.

I have a idlewild cd lying around somewhere - 100 Broken Windows. Some good tunes on that. Sadly, thats the only one I have.