Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh Youtube! And Miscellany.

Yes, I only just found out the other day that the youtube videos I post occasionally don't format correctly with this blog layout in firefox. I use safari and chrome - and they always format correctly (well it seems). I should have checked that, eh?! Better get cracking on fixing that.

Well, soon anyway. Unfortunately, I'm deep in an exploration of korean economic development hence the relative lack of progress on any music related blogging. I'm going to Seja on Thursday night though at the Troubadour, and mostly likely I'll be at Die!Die!Die (supported by Sleepwalks, if you didn't remember).

Oh, and thanks to CityKat (AKA Katherine Feeney) of Brisbane Times repute - she gave this 'humble' blog a shout out in a column on the Brisbane blogosphere this morning. I sound like some kind of 'Zorro' character....

"He's masked, he's from Bardon and he writes Brisbane music reviews with the odd cultural reference thrown in for good measure."

Bwahah, I only just found out!

And I can't get enough of Die!Die!Die!. As I said above, they play this weekend. Here's a teaser.

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