Thursday, 15 April 2010

Effin Tune: The Mountain Goats - 'Ethiopians'

I love the Daytrotter Sessions. For those not 'in the know', Daytrotter is a website that offers free mp3 downloads of 'the best emerging bands'. They even have a studio where bands and artists come in specifically to record sessions and offer them up for public consumption. A lot of them are not actually 'emerging' but fairly well established, and there are couple of absolute gem sessions lurking amongst an impressive back catalog. The Mountain Goats set is one I recently came across.

I'm not too familiar with the Mountain Goats. I did really like that song 'Alibi' from the Babylon Springs EP, but other than that I've not really listened to them that much (and yes, I know it is led by John Darnielle and the band roster changes constantly).

Anyway, the Mountain Goats' Daytrotter session features a great little tune. Darnielle explains that it didn't make the cut of 2002's "Tallahasee", but I really like it. It begins with some chord changes that sound very like a sped up version of Radiohead's 'True Love Waits' before diving into a entertaining story about the seemingly dysfunctional relationship between two people. I particularly like the chorus lyrics.

"Good things never last, bad things never die."

You can have a listen to 'Ethiopians' by clicking on the link below.

The Mountain Goats - Ethiopians [Daytrotter Session]

You can also have a look round the impressive Daytrotter backcatalog by simply signing up at their website.

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