Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pivot turn to Grizzly Bear

I actually meant to post this a week or two ago but it slipped my mind until I received a facebook prodding from Australian experimental-rock act Pivot. About a year back, they have recorded of 'Colorado, the final track of Grizzly Bear's 2nd LP, "Yellow House" but it just seeing the light of day on a Warp Records compilation.

Seems like Pivot have been doing a bit of globe-trotting, recently playing All Tomorrow's Parties in New York City. Hopefully they are making waves - they really are a quality band (if you haven't seen them live, then do so at your next possible opportunity).

The cover is slightly more minimalist than the original track, and features a 'pivotised' drum beat and some gated synth effects. It is not a hugely different interpretation from the original but worth a look if you're a fan of either band.

The cover is available for download from this link.

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