Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Felinedown Digital Re-Release This Saturday

I think someone will have to explain to me the precise meaning of their name but regardless, I have it on good authority that Felinedown are a capable, up-and-coming local act. If you need some direction as to what their sound is think a blend of Garbage and Nine Inch Nails (alternatively, you could just go listen at their myspace).

Anyway, they're playing a showcase on Saturday night to digitally re-release their EP that was recorded early this year. Also on the bill are the more than capable Grand Atlantic and Moon Jog.

It is being hosted at Top Floor, 99 Elizabeth Street in Brisbane Citay. It is $15, BYO alcohol (which means, $15 plus the the benefit of getting boozed super cheap - what Valley venue can offer THAT?! If you ignore the Valley Studios that is!) So, if you're not doing much come Saturday evening, I implore you to "come on down", price is right style.

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