Friday, 30 October 2009

Local Music: Greenthief

Friends, it has been a while. Unfortunately, the twin gods of extreme essay writing and procrastination have preordained my absence. You see, I have the relatively simple task of writing 11,000 words of academic-standard essay writing in the next two weeks. This means that I have a heap of blogging backed up in my ‘drafts’ folder that I hope to complete in November sometime. Until then, humble reader, bear with me.

However, I just thought I’d pause to mention a local band that I heard on 4ZzZ the other week while driving about town called Greenthief. I can’t recall now which song I heard exactly (perhaps ‘Morning Sun’), but their songs are none too shabby. I’m kind of reminded mid-to-late 90s Indie pop music, and being a child of the 90s, I guess you could say I’m somewhat inclined to such a genre.

They’re playing a few shows in the next month or two (including the curiously named 'Bitches Be Crazy'), so perhaps it merits a trip out to the Valley (somewhere I’ve increasingly avoided of late, I think I’m getting too old). They’re a local band and we should all support the local scene.

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