Thursday, 9 April 2009

Somewhere in Space This May All Be Happening Right Now

I don't have a whole lot to talk about today. Most of my brain was removed by an assignment I had to complete for my Ethics and Human Rights course (part of my masters program) over the last week. Brain regrowth is currently in progress. I'd thought I'd do some random updating of things I’m reading all music related.

Skatterbrain have an interesting interview with Kevin from KNIGHT SCHOOL. You may remember I did a review of their recent long-player "The Poor and Needy Need to Party". It is quite a good album. Kevin talks about his influences (which include Guided by Voices! Good choice) and how he would love to play Aerosmith’s "Dream On" for all eternity.

I Guess I’m Floating have linked to a preview of Papercuts new album to be called "You Can Have What You Want". You can download one of the tracks ('Jet Plane') from the website, or alternatively have a listen over at Papercuts's myspace thingamajig. While I haven’t listened to it yet (though I will do soon), I did really enjoy Papercut’s last release "Can't Go Back", so I can only expect good things.

I also received in the mail my copy of "Stranded: A Compilation of Brisbane Music 2007-2008" put together by the guys over at Before Hollywood with a heap of help from local Brisbane artists. It is really quite an achievement. I’ve listened to the first CD and I can already tell it’s a winner (I love the I Heart Hiroshima and Little Scout numbers).

If you enjoy Brisbane music and don't have a copy of this anthology, go shoot yourself in the head now, then order a copy, and use the postal packaging that it comes in to plug the gaping hole in the side of your head, and put one of the three volumes in your ghetto blaster and have a listen. Tip: try not to blow off your ears. You can purchase it through Before Hollywood. Click here.

Finally, I'm about to shell out some money to buy a drum machine. I'm sick of these crappy software drum machines that seem harder to operate than a US Nuclear submarine. I think I'm going to purchase the Zoom Rhythmtrack 231. It is small and apparently fairly good (see picture above, though the picture alone won't tell you if it is any good obviously….but it looks good eh?).

Anyway, have nice and safe Easter. Till we meet again.

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