Monday, 6 April 2009

Jurassic Park Baby!

Last night, while I was finishing off an essay on ethics, while my eyes were being ripped out of my skull by abstract notions of political realism, and generally I just felt like crap, I remember thinking "I could really go some good-times music".

Lo and behold, my friend Yaz sent me the link to a local band I had never heard of before, named LAST DINOSAURS.

After a few listens, I have come to the following conclusions: I really enjoy their sound. I really want their album. I also want to steal their babies. Why? Well, for instance their influences include Takeru Kobayashi, a japenese competitive eater. With influences like that how can you not have indie credentials?

A cautionary look at their myspace site reveals some insight as to what we can expect from the group this year.

"2009 is not actually the year of the ox. It’s the year of the last dinosaur. This year we are gonna go hard and give it our best shot, maybe try rehearsing more than once a month and actually playing a few shows. That not is idea good?"

LAST DINOSAURS are playing a whole lot of local shows over the next few months, including this Sunday the 12th of April at the Alhambra Lounge, then some dates at the Globe theatre, the Step Inn and Ric'c CafĂ©. They’re also playing various dates in Sydney and Melbourne. You should check them out. I know I will. For all their upcoming shows, its best to check out their myspace.

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