Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Young Bloods Blood New Initiatives

Hola! I'm back from the cold heart of Melbourne and semi-refreshed for the second half of 2010. I have much writing to do and little time to do it considering I'm a) need to catch up on work and b) looking for a new job. Argh. Anyway, heaps of great looking local gigs coming up. If you're not doing anything this Vendredi you might be interested in checking out a new initiative occuring at the Legions Club this Friday.

It's presented by Brisbane Sounds and Starving Kids and the first instance features Teenage Wolves [pssst, I interviewed them last week], Dirty Bird, Bixby Canyon and Calais. Cost is $10 and drinks are allegedly at '1985 prices' plus it is all-ages. Woah, what more can you ask for?

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