Monday, 21 June 2010

Young Adult Canines: Interview with Teenage Wolves

I came across Teenage Wolves due to an extremely positive review I read on the Brisbane Sounds website. They're a relatively new band and, from what I can hear, should cause a bit of a freakin' ruckus in this fair town. Before the end of winter, they'll be cooreographing Clint-Eastwoord style gun duels in the Brunswick Street Mall. Doubt me? Well go have a listen and you'll soon understand.

Anyway, Jasmine from the band graced me with a few minutes of her attention via the ol' email, enough to answer a series of fairly innocuous questions courtesy of yours truly.

Do I detect elements of PJ Harvey and Ennio Morricone in your sound? Where do your influences come from?

We both have very different musical backgrounds but our tastes are slowly merging together as we influence each other with our own musical preferences. The Ennio Morricone influence rings very true, there’s something timeless about spaghetti westerns, in particular Sergio Leone’s films and the soundtracks Morricone adds to them are hauntingly brilliant. But spaghetti westerns aside my main influences are the Delta blues, psychobilly, early 60’s garage rock and 50‘s rock ‘n’ roll.  

I love the way the songs are recorded. Was this a conscious choice?

Lane studies audio engineering so we’re lucky enough to have access to a studio every now and then. I’m really glad people dig the reverb on the recordings, I fought hard to keep that in there! Lane told me I use ‘too much reverb’ I told him there’s no such thing. He let me do a vocal take in his bathroom recently so I think he’s warming up to it.

How did Teenage Wolves come to be?

We’ve known each other for fourteen years now but we’ve only started playing music together as a two-piece very recently. We would try out other people for different roles but no-one could really understand what we were about, so we just kept it as the two of us, it felt right.  

Any favourite records or artists?

Lanes pick of record is Rated R by Queens of the Stone Age which is also his favourite band. I can’t bring it down to just a single record but I’m mad for The Cramps.  

Any local bands you think we should be paying attention to?

For personal safety reasons people should be aware of a group who creep around Brisbane and call themselves The Chokes. They’re some of the nastiest, low brow - low fi misfits playing instruments I’ve ever met. We’ll be arranging shows with them soon. 

I note a number of forthcoming gigs. What, when, how, why?

We’re lucky enough to be playing a handful of  local shows over the next month which is great, we get a real kick out of playing live. We have all the details for any upcoming shows on our site, with some more being added in the next week or so.  

What are the future plans for Teenage Wolves? Headline gigs, major festivals, the trashing of hotel rooms?

We’ll be recording as soon as we get the chance. We have a lot of new songs that have been written recently that I’m wanting to hear recorded, but until then playing around town and just focusing on writing and rehearsals. It’s such early days for Teenage Wolves that it’s still at this really exciting stage for us.  

Excellent. I suggest you check them out. Teenage Wolves play the Legions Club on the 2nd of July, Lambda on the 15th, The Troub on the 23rd (supporting Bonfire Nights at their EP Launch), and the Step Inn on the 24th. Holey Moley.

You can listen to their stuff on myspace and download some tracks from the Triple J Unearthed Website (I encourage you to have listen - it's great stuff].

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