Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sounds Like Brisbane and the Inhabit Fiesta

Ohh! Free local music alert. You may have heard about Sounds Like Brisbane, the product of the work of several prominent local record labels including Plus One records, Dew Process and Valve (full list here). It is a very interesting little project that aims promoting and supporting the local music scene. In many ways, its a 'co-op'. Much like Proposition Joe's co-op in The Wire, except involving music instead of heroin. Yes, I've been watching a little too much of this seriously awesome show, so much that I've begun to compare friends/institutions/situations to the ones so realistically portrayed in the Wire.

Anywhoo. Their website has a load of information on future plans and ventures and includes a number of free tracks from local bands including Carry Nation and the Optimen. Check out an interesting article on the history of local music labels compiled by Andrew Stafford.

But...there is more. Next Friday, the 18th of June, Sounds Like Brisbane will be curated a miniture festival in conjuction with the Inhabit Fiesta that is happening in the city. What is the deal with this? Well I'm glad you asked. Basically, a bunch of local bands are set up in stages in laneways around the CBD (Burnett Lane between Adelaide and Queen) and Island Court (between George and Elizabeth Arcade). Artists include Last Dinosaurs, The Blowhards, Halfway, Butcher Birds and a load of other great acts. And all it will cost you is a few hours of your time.

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