Monday, 3 May 2010

Local gig of the week: Deadriot at the Zoo

I'm emerging briefly from my essay hell* to provide my moral support to local rockabilly-punk act Dead Riot. You may recall me mentioning Dead Riot before - I saw them play a mainly acoustic set at Browning Street Studios late last year.

My good pal Harry plays bass for them and they're playing their first headline show at the Zoo on Thursday night (6th of May). I'll be going along, despite having been at Spoon the night before. But hey, if I can do that, surely you can make it to the Zoo, right?

The cost is $10 on the door ($8 pre-sale, but don't ask me where to buy them). You can check out Dead Riot's stuff by clicking here. Supports are The Arachnids, Skarlett Blue (Melbourne), Levic, and Isaac Graham (Sydney).

*I've been writing on the most interesting subject known to man: decentralisation and local government. It's the type of subject area that gives me a rock-hard metaphorical boner.

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