Saturday, 15 May 2010

Effin Tune: Georgie James - Need Your Needs

I'm in study land. I've almost completed my MA in International Relations. I'm on the home stretch. Post essays will mean more music blogging, but until then, expect not much. Apologies to the various groups who've sent me music over the past few weeks - I'm flat out.

Anyway, I was sitting back, relaxing the other day, recalling with some sadness the fact that the vast bulk of my pre-2005 music collection died due to a hard drive failure (lucky I have much of it on CD), when I remember a little group from Washington DC in the states who put out a really funky indie pop song. The group was Georgie James and the song was 'Need Your Needs'. The band featured a guy who resembled Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a girl who was/is extremely attractive. They are John Davis and Laura Burhenn.

While it may be showing its age a bit here, it still a pretty cool little song. Have a listen for yourself.

Georgie James - Need Your Needs

Hopefully, I'll get time to put up some more stuff in the coming two weeks, but don't expect much. Come June 5th though, watchout!

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