Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Effin Tune: Arbuckle - It's Going to Happen

I've been reminiscing this week. Brisbane music in the late 1990s/early 2000s was quite fun really. Has much changed? Well I’ll leave you to judge. But back in the good ol’ days, Dave McCormack of Custard produced the debut record of a great local band: Arbuckle, Custard 'of the Gold Coast'.

Perhaps that comparison is not entirely accurate, but there are similarities. To the best of my knowledge, Arbuckle put out a handful of EPs and one record “No Heroics”. I feature the record's first tune ‘It’s Going to Happen’ here for your enjoyment (see link below).

Arbuckle - It's Going to Happen

Sadly, Arbuckle are no more (one member is now making music with The Bell Divers). I’m not sure if you can actually get any Arbuckle records anywhere anymore (perhaps iTunes?). If anyone has any that they’re willing to perhaps sell to me, please get in contact. I know Seja covered one of their songs at her Troubadour gig a few weeks back which rekindled my interest in the band. Don’t know the name of the song covered (its not on "No Heroics") but if anyone who was there knows its title, again, please get in contact.

Ps. Unrelated link, but James Pusey has written an interesting article on his thoughts as to why Mumford and Sons is so popular. Check it out here.

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