Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pixies in Brisbane in March 2010

Well, welcome to spring. Glorious time of year in this hemisphere, isn't it?

News just to hand. The band everybody loves to claim as an influence are coming to Brisbane in March 2010. No, not Radiohead, but, yes, the Pixies (though I'm sure you guessed what I was talking about from the baby-faced picture of Frank Black above).

You can read a bit more here.

They're celebrating the 20th anniversary of their epic record 'Doolittle', an album that is probably responsible for the employment of at least three Rics Cafe disc jockeys. Yeah, it has that excellent song 'Debaser' on it and the song that Kurt Cobain said he ripped off when he wrote 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. 'Gouge Away' I believe.

Anyway, be prepared to hammer ticketek or wherever/whenever the tickets come on sale - this one will sell out in two seconds. Probably less. Keep your ears and eyes out, eh?

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