Monday, 14 September 2009

Brisbane Records: "Worry a Lot" - The Zebras

The Zebras used to live and play around Brisbane a few years back. For a time it seemed like they were the only band that practiced pop music in this town, back when it seemed people stupidly assumed it was wrong to like jangly guitars.

“Worry a Lot” is The Zebras second long-player and featured a more assured direction than the self released debut. Layers upon layers of guitars dominate the album, but most songs are absolute gems. ‘Worry a Lot’, ‘Science Competition’, Fine Lines’ and’ Doong Doong’ are all fine songs and worthy of prolonged attention. Almost as if the band took the best features from their self titled debut – specifically the two first songs from that record ‘Forces of Light’ and ‘Look Confident’ – and employed this formula across the entire follow up. That is not to say that “Worry a Lot” is formulaic, though ‘Fine Lines’ and ‘Science Competition’ sound curiously melodically similar, and even if one did find a certain similarity evident, this doesn’t really mean that much at all; if it works, bloody well use it.

They’ve been doing the rounds in Melbourne, a town that seems curiously more attracted to jangly pop music than the likes of Brisbane, which I’m somewhat annoyed about considering my own fondness for this stuff. It seems Lost and Lonesome have signed up all these bands, and ‘encouraged’ them to move to Melbourne. Not that anyone would need encouragement – it’s a great city. Though, it is a shame they're not here, plying their wares, there is not enough of this in this town.

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