Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gig of the Freakin Week: The Bell Divers at Rics Cafe

The Bell Divers have been somewhat reclusive of late. One may speculate as to why this has occurred, but speculate no longer! The band are back and set to indulge the Brisbane public with their delicious brand of poetic pop to Rics Café this Saturday night, the twelfth of September, in an intimate set that promises to be tighter than the pants Tina Turner donned in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

I’m told by their skin-beating percussionist Donaldio that they have been tinkering about in old Queenslanders constructing new tales of whimsy and intrigue. I asked Donaldio what we could expect from the band in their post-member-reshuffle era, to which he replied:

“Clinton's vocals are heading north, scaling the snow-capped peaks and plunging into the fjords, Matt's bass has an edgy Southern rock vibe while Mel and I head west and east respectively with honky-tonk piano playing off against my ritualistic drumming.”

Expect some tracks from their glorious debut record “June July” that was released last year (which you can purchase/download on their website) along with a few new tracks. If you haven’t heard the Bell Divers before, have a listen at their myspace page.

This is a great local band and I encourage you all to get your rear-ends along to Rics Café this Saturday. Supports from Bliss, and a bunch of Djs with very postmodern names.

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