Friday, 28 August 2009

Lately on the stereo

A lazy blog post about some tracks I’ve really been hammering to death on my music player. I thought I’d share some and post a few youtube live performances for you appreciation.

Tenuousness by Andrew Bird from “Noble Beast”.

I think I’ve finally ‘got’ Andrew Bird on this latest album. Not that he wasn’t good before, I just didn’t think much of his previous records – I didn’t know the way in. This song in particular has opened that door.

Little Secrets by Passion Pit from "Manners".

Call them what you will, but this album is a cracker. This song has a great chorus and is a godo alternative to the other more radio friendly songs off this record.

Percussion Gun by White Rabbits from "It's Frightening".

A recommendation from a friend of mine. This album is not bad, but I really like the record opener.

Another One Goes By by the Walkmen from"A Hundred Miles Off".

The Walkmen have defined 2009 for me. This Mazarin cover from "A Hundred Miles Off" recalls the dreamy dancehall sounds of the 50s and 60s.

Young Adult Friction by the Pains of Being Pure at Heart from "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart".

How anyone in 2009 is going to top this record, I’m not sure how. I really love this song and I really hope the Pains make the trip across to Australia sometime soon.

You can tell that I’m in the middle of essay writing hell. I have a lot of assessment and no motivation to write. Frequently, I try kick myself out of these ruts by returning to blogging, hence the series of posts I’ve managed to smash out over the last few days.

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