Tuesday, 24 March 2009

New Tunes From Decoder Ring

It seems that Australia's 'Mogwai' (a pretty inaccurate description in my book), Sydney group Decoder Ring are about to release the follow up to the great 'Fractions' LP. After touring around the country supporting Coldplay (strange choice of touring buddies if you ask me but I suppose great for mainstream exposure), it looks like they'll release the new album in Mid 2009.

It seems that the universally adored Lenka who sung vocals on 'Somersault' and the aforementioned 'Fractions' will not be a part of the new record, having gone solo and sowing the seeds of pop stardom in the United States (don't quote me on this, but the internet reports that she is no longer in involved).

Hopefully they'll tour again without attaching themselves to stadium soft rock bands so I might actually get the chance to see them for a reasonable price!

You can download 'Beat the Twilight', a sample of the new work at Decoder Ring's official website.

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