Monday, 30 March 2009

New Music - Local Natives

For the first time in what seems like a long time, the national youth broadcaster Triple J actually recommended a band that seem worthy of interest.

Driving home after a night out with friends, some girl was on Triple J talking about bands from the recently held South by Southwest festival in the states.

She was discussing the 'next big things in music' (and curiously talking about long established Handsome Furs for some bizarre reason), the individual, whose name I cannot recall, mentioned an unsigned Californian band LOCAL NATIVES and played a short audio clip of the song I believe called 'Airplanes'

It was aurally pleasing and later, at home, I had a listen to some of their tracks on their myspace page. Their sound is somewhere between Fleet Foxes and the Arcade Fire (as evidence, I rely on their cover of the Talking Heads song 'Warning Signs' which is on their myspace page). In fact, if you've listened to Fleet Foxes to death, I recommend checking these guys out – they may be destined for bigger things.

You can have a listen over at their myspace site, or have a read of what they had to say about their South by Southwest experience at their blogger site.

*EDIT* Check out this great cover of 'Cecilia' by Local Natives.

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