Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Stress of Leisure Launch Soft Approach

Why hello there! My lack of posts can be explained by a move to Woolloongabba and a battling the dread plague. I can't promise much more this week due to similar reasons - and the fact that I'm working a heap. However I thought I'd pause to mention the launch the third record by localsThe Stress of Leisure, Soft Approach, at the Zoo this Friday.

The Stress of Leisure is the brainchild of Ian Powne. The group plays something akin to Pulp / Pavement / Bowie, but with a definitive Brisbane feel. I've heard the record, and its something special (review forthcoming sometime soon). The new video, "Death on the Magic Mile", of course contains a known local reference. The song is interesting, seeming a lot more abrasive than some of the band's previous work. Check it out below.

'Death on the Magic Mile' from Soft Approach.

Supports include Grand Atlantic and Girl with Cake.

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