Monday, 9 August 2010

The Boaties on the 2010 Australia Election

It is an election frenzy at the moment here in Australia. The two candidates for the position of Supreme Leader of Australia have been involved in an often heated debate on the issue of The Boat People.

I decided to cut straight to the chase and ask The Boat People in person what they thought of the election thus far, and get their side of the story. James from the Boaties was kind enough to indulge me.

It's election time and Tony Abbott and Julia Gibbard seem determined to make The Boat People an election-changing issue? What have you guys done to warrant such concern?!

Well it's very flattering to see ourselves in the headlines but without trying to jump to conclusions I'm not sure Tony Abbott is a fan of indie-pop, so perhaps it's not us he's referring to! You never know though. Perhaps the Liberal party should use a Shins track in their next T.V. ad!

Have you considered sending the candidates a copy of your quite accomplished third record Dear Darkly to assure them that the Boat People are contributing positively to Australian society?

No, but I thought I saw Julia Gillard at a gig recently. Then I thought it was Elly Jackson from La Roux. Turned out it was neither, but for a moment I was quite excited!!

What policy do you think the major party candidates should be concentrating on instead? Do you have any reform advice?

Well, I've never been a fan of economic rationalism so it would be a nice surprise if the major parties truly recognised the intrinsic, non-material value of the arts and followed that up with policy. That and a federal "free guitar strings for poor musicians" grant.

Echo Stick Guitars. Coming to a political ad near you.

If you had to pick a song off Dear Darkly to accompany a political or election ad, which one would it be? And could you imagine what kind of message this hypothetical ad might contain?

Perhaps "Echo Stick Guitars" because it's the most nonsensical song we've ever put out! Plus it has an off-beat electro drum feel that always makes me think "spoken by R. Reynolds for the Labour Party, Canberra".

You've been touring about now, heavily promoting Dear Darkly, hows the response been?

It's been the best response we've ever had! We're loving playing live more than ever, and good thing too as there's a lot more touring to come.

Will touring pretty much define the rest of 2010? Any international touring plans?

YES and YES! We love going overseas.

Well, you've heard it from the proverbial horses mouth. Do yourself a favour and don't comdemn The Boat People to some Pacific island off the coast of Australia by throwing away your democratic rights in the upcoming election. They're nice guys, ok!


bianca said...

i love it! good work daz :)

Darragh said...

Thanks Bianca!

The long acre said...

You should ask an Aboriginal what they think of boat people.

The long acre said...

Wrote my own story about boat people