Thursday, 5 August 2010

Manic Weekend of Local Gigs Forthcoming

No Anchor play Burst City tomorrow night

Woah, there seems to be a lot of quality gigs forthcoming this weekend - with so much choice, what are you going to pick? Here is what is on offer over the coming Friday and Saturday night.

On Friday at Clubhouse @ Tempo Hotel you can catch Seja supporting Melbourne's Otouto (whose record 'Pip' is one of my favourites of the year). Seja's record is also pretty good too.

Over at the Legions Club you can catch Young Bloods #2 featuring Bubsy Marou, Steve Grady and Transvaal Diamond Syndicate. Cost is about $10-$13 I believe and it is all ages. Presented by Starving Kids and Brisbane Sounds.

Alternatively Burst City are hosting Turnpike, No Anchor, Teargas and Dick Nasty. All ages gig, cost is $10. Some people have been confused by the running times but I have it on good authority that Dick Nasty start around 8.30, followed by Turnpike, No Anchor and then Teargas.

The Hungry Kids of Hungary are back from overseas and are playing at the Zoo.

Saturday night sees Hunz and Mr Maps at Rics which sounds like an awesome gig.

Over at the Zoo sees the launch of The Mercy Beat's debut record "How to Shampoo a Yak". Supports include HITS.

I'm a bit overwhelmed but am going to try make it to Burst City and the Rics gig.


Labyrinth City said...

slim pickings this weekend... but ... there's the 'Fresher Cunts' art show on tomorrow (sat.) at 7PM - 51 Ballow St, Fortitude Valley. free, aa. emerging art/artists, about 20 or so. should be "okay".

Darragh said...

The title of the show makes it sound 'out there'. Might be interesting.

Labyrinth City said...

fyi: it's actually "fresher cu_ts". imagination, or censorship? who knoooows

more info: