Sunday, 3 May 2009

Some Thoughts on the Hifi

If you live in Brisbane and have been paying attention to the music blogs, you'll no doubt have read about people's reaction to the opening night of the Hifi Bar in West End. Before Hollywood, Andrew McMillen (via Mess+Noise) and the Brizband blogs have each contributed their own two cents, and the consensus is, generally "exciting to have a new music venue that isn't in the valley, the sound might need a bit of work, and the atmosphere needs a bit more time to develop p.s. thank god for the air con".

I was lucky enough to attend the opening last Wednesday night and I can pretty much agree with the previous sentiments. It was opening night and everyone wanted to take a gander at the place so that perhaps meant that a few punters were a bit surprised or disappointed by artists on display (I wasn't, the Drones are awesome). I think its a bit unfair to walk in and expect that the venue will have the same character as say the Zoo or the Troubadour, not enough beer has been spilled over the upholstery yet.

It is refreshing to have alternatives to the valley which has finally succumbed to the weight of the miscreants that converge on its streets every Friday and Saturday night (I'm waiting for the inevitable day when God turns his/her back on Fortitude Valley and destroys it Sodom and Gomorrah style).

For my own two cents, I didn't mind the Hifi. I definitely appreciate the air conditioning and the space. The sound well I didn't think was that bad, it was a bit verby, but I think that the bands who were on display suited that kind of mix. It was, however, extremely loud and my ears were bleeding after the gig.

On a positive note, there are some great shows coming up, and also when they finish the Vinyl bar - an external bar that pipes music and video from the bands playing in the Hifi directly into the bar - I'm sure it will construct its own myth, culture and reputation.

Oh, and yeah, The Drones were awesome as usual.


Aaron / Nightshadow said...

Is the HiFi sponsored by a particular company? There is HiFi bar in melb and sydney aswell.

Darragh said...

There is one in Melbourne - its been there donkeys years, but none in Sydney yet (though I read the mob that run the joints is on the lookout for a suitable venue for a Sydney location).

There are not sponsored by anyone in a the sense of a marketing promotion, but simply a private company promoting a 2-tier chain of venues. I've probably made it sound much more commercial than it is.

Heapsawill said...

Hey Darragh,

The Drones are releasing a live album that was recorded that night, would you be keen to give one a listen?