Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Pains of Just Being So Great

...And I'm not referring to myself. I'm actually referring to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. At this present time, these New Yorkers are simply the coolest people in the universe. They released their debut LP back in February (which was several months ago, but only seems like yesterday). And while you probably already knew this, or at least can infer from my already over-gushing prose, its a bit of a winner (and for once, pitcharse agrees with me).

The record seems like a glorious throwback to the 1980s, coming out like a more cheerful Morrissey. Like many bands seem to be doing nowadays (think M83, Phoenix etc), the sound resembles that typical of songs that would find themselves on 80s teenage film soundtracks - the difference is telling though, The Pains do it much better.

Ahh nostalgia! Tis, great, ain't it?

Jangly fuzz-induced guitars are the nature of the game on this one, with some great tracks like "This Love Is Fucking Right!", "Everything with You", "A Teenager in Love" and the awesome "Stay Alive".

My ears had caught hold of the Pains late last year after I heard their stellar single 'Everything With You', but I've only just got round to getting my grubby paws on the actual record.

Trust me, it's great.

P.s. Is it just me or does the album cover resemble Belle and Sebastian's "The Life Pursuit"?

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