Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bonfire Nights

Just thought I’d give a shout out for my friends Ruth (ex-Hot Liquid Sex) and Steve (Black Mustang) and their new musical project Bonfire Nights.

They’ve been doing some recording of late and have produced some new ear candy that certainly sounds quite good. Have a listen to the highly dance-able “We Don’t Care About Anything Else” and their interesting and refreshing interpretation of The Undertones seminal song ‘Teenage Kicks’. There are also some other tunes up on their myspace page.

They have allowed me to put these songs up for download, so you can sample them yourself. Do so by clicking on the links below (right click - save as, to download).

We Don't Care About Anything Else

Teenage Kicks


1 comment:

Sylvie said...

Got to know about a music competition in Sydney/Melbourne. Its called Cabbieoke
and promises good fun as evident in these videos.