Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Recently, Somewhere on the Stereo

I recall residing within the Loki Hostel, La Paz, Bolivia around March last year, quietly having a local beer and chilling out after a walk round the rather lively pseudo-capital of Bolivia. While at the bar, the bar volunteer was playing some music by what sounded like a very interesting band, I asked him what it was and he told me, intending to try have a listen to some when I got back to western civilisation. I promptly forgot and later tried to recall the name while writing down notes in my travel diary, I could only remember the first syllable….'Deer' something or other.

Months later, I casually searched in vain for ‘deer' related bands ("The Dears","Deerhoof", and so forth). I knew it wasn't long defunct Australian folk-indie band "The Dearhunters" (who had a great little single called "Mr Katherine" off their album "Red, Wine & Blue", but I knew it wasn't them.

To cut a long story short, I stumbled upon the correct band several days ago. The band is Deerhunter and I've been constantly listening to their incredible 2008 release "Microcastle". I'm not going to go into huge detail, but I have to say that it's an accomplished piece of work and had I heard of it earlier, it would have definitely put it on my ‘best of 2008' list. That's what happens when you forgo popular radio for the greater part of a year. Great songs include: ‘Agoraphobia', ‘Never Stops', ‘Little Kids' and ‘Nothing Ever Happened'. I seriously recommend it.

Another album that has grown on me, as I've mentioned previously, is ‘Nouns' by Los Angeles's "No Age". I don't think its as good as Pitch-arse make it out to be, but there are some cool tracks on it, particularly the final episode, "Brain Burner". Worth a look, it has certainly has some energy.

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