Sunday, 14 November 2010

Spotlight: His Merry Men

I don't usually like funk or that popular swing type jazz stuff. For instance, I find The Cat Empire are vomit-inducing. However, local group His Merry Men seem an enticing prospect.

I randomly stumbled into Rics on Friday evening, drunk, and ill suited for music appreciation (I blame my Irish cousin for my state of mind). His Merry Men started to play, and by gosh, they were a lot of fun.

Composed of percussion, bass, guitar, keys, and not one but THREE sax players. Vocalist Megan Crocombe has that sultry voice that's well suited to the funk aesthetic and I really enjoyed the little jigs that sax players would bust out, the enjoyment heightened by my level of inebriation.

A few songs were particularly well done, such as Bobby Got and Been Around, both which you can hear on Myspace and TripleJ Unearthered. Though their recordings do sound a bit generic (in the sense that I find many jazz/funk numbers to all sound very similar, but my knowledge of this genre is fairly limited), but as a live band, I think they're great.

Bobby Got-The HiFi

His Merry Men | Myspace Music Videos

Looks like they play the Joynt on December 3 and Rics again on December 12. Attendance recommended.


Brady said...

That's who they were! I saw them as I stumbled past on my way to Clubhouse, rather enjoyed the snippet I heard.

Darragh said...

Yeah, they were pretty good, I'm definitely going to go see them next time they play at Rics.