Friday, 22 October 2010

Adieu LoFly

You've probably heard the news, the LoFly Hangar is going to be closing down in December.

It seems that the local Red Hill residents are not too fond of the thump of bass drums causing their lattes to spill all over their kitchen tables. Or that their patience is beginning to wear thin. Either way, the label has decided to go out on a good note and close the venue for the time being.

The last show is scheduled for December 11th.

I only went a handful of times, but these types of places are almost the lifeblood of the Brisbane music scene, particularly now considering Fortitude Valley has gone to hell.

Thankfully the excellent Burst City still survive and is playing host to a great event this weekend - Dick Nasty / Per Purposes / Scraps / Meat Thump

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