Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Industry Event: Talking Shop & Miscellany

Talking Shop

If you've read Rave Magazine you've probably read articles by Denis Semchenko (he goes to _a lot_ of locals gigs, I seriously don't know how he does it!). Anyway, Denis along with 4ZzZ personality Stacey Coleman will be guest speakers at the fifth Talking Shop seminar.

The focus for this seminar is will be to identify the ways that local artists and groups to engage with local, national and international media for minimum costs (I read that as free!). As the marketing materials reads "Talking Shop serves up invaluable opportunities to meet, discuss, applaud, share and plot the growth of the arts.".

It's on at the Judith Wright Centre on Wednesday 14 April (5.30pm – 7pm). Best of all, it is FREE!. You'll have to RSVP though by using the following email link by 5pm on Monday the 12th of April.

Sounds like a very interesting seminar and probably something local bands should investigate. I'll be going myself if I somehow get out of my international relations of Asia-Pacific class that is scheduled on Wednesday nights.


Wanted to call your attention to a great little blog post published last week by another Brisbane music blogger. Have a read of "I've Lost That Loving Feeling" over at My Aural Fixation.

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