Friday, 20 November 2009

Red Riders Alert!

Good gig on tonight in Brisbane with Sydney band Red Riders playing at the Globe with some solid Brisbane support in the form of The Boat People and Last Dinosaurs. After completing my uni semester, it is time to rock out. Since I missed what was sure to be a great Buzzcocks show last night at the Zoo (god damn!), I'm chafing to get out and about.

Tweeters are talking about the possible closure of Rics Bar - the Brisbane institution of local music. Scary news. I can't imagine a valley without it. Though, news just to seems like it only changing owners. The people who run the RGs are taking over, apparently. YES. Not long now before we have Krazy Kangaroo Karoake in Rics. Bundy Rums all round! Take that wannabe hipster police.

After receiving some good news this morning about an internship, looks like I'll be jetting off to sunny New York City for two months comes mid-January, and hopefully will be checking out 'the scene' in that city.

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