Monday, 6 July 2009

Shameless Self Promotion.

Yeah, have been uber busy the last week with work and all that, and thus, haven't had a chance to write anything of material value on this blog. I do have a bit of 'me' news - I'll be playing Open Mic this Wednesday at the Music Kafe in West End. I haven't played in front of people for about 2 years, and never done it solo before. I'm slightly nervous and don't think I've practiced enough. I'm planning to murder a Magnetic Fields cover as well (my favourite MF song - "I don't want to get over you"), plus two 'me' originals, and hopefully slip a song from my old band in there somewhere.

Kudos to the Guitar Repairers in Red Hill who fixed the pickup problem in my Maton (pictured above). Took them about 2 mins and they didn't charge me for it! Awesome guys.

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