Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Je Suis Animal / The Zebras

While scouting around, I noticed that Je Suis Animal and the Zebras are scheduled to play at Rics Cafe in Brisbane on the 18th of June. Holy crap, this one almost passed me by.

I saw both these bands on the exact same bill a bit less than a year ago in a dungeon like venue near Brick Lane in London. I was drunk, but I remember it vividly as being excellent. I recall complimenting on the bassist on her fine bass skills and fine aesthetics. I think she shook my hand.

For those that don't know, Je Suis Animal are a pop/twee band from Norway. Think Stereolab and you'd be getting close to what they sound like.

I've seen pop-stalwarts The Zebras many a time. They used to played frequently, but not so much now that they are based in Melbourne. I think it is an apt opportunity to embrace the indie pop fan that resides within myself. This will no doubt prove to be an entertaining gig.

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