Friday, 5 December 2008

Songs You Can Listen To

Well what have I been listening too of late? Well, lots and lots of stuff.

As previously mentioned I've been diving into The Replacements 1983 magnum opus "Let It Be", I've also been casually listening to the noise-rock of No Age and their pitchfork-endorsed record "Nouns" (Yeah, its OK).

While I'm currently in the UK, I still have been listening to quite a bit of local Australian music, in particular The Bell Divers debut "June, July" which was released earlier this year. The Drones have been featuring heavily on my portable music player, particularly their great 2004 release "Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By", a seriously awesome Australian album.

Bon Iver is making a few waves round the globe, and I've been chillaxing to his record "For Emma, Forever Ago", and also Port O'Brien's most recent record "All We Could Do Was Sing".

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